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This picture was taken when I was on my way to meet my father & brother in law in Gairloch for a Scotland tour back in 2020. I had to meet up with them since I couldnt get time off work, which didnt bother me because I quite like a long drive on my own listening to music and enjoying the views (Once I finally get off the A96...). Anyway it was pouring it down the whole way and just before I got into gairloch I knew about this spot and I really wanted to capture it with the drone, however water and drones dont go hand in hand! Luckily I took my chances as I always do and pulled over to see if the weather would clear up. And as you guessed it, it did!.. for about 5 minutes. Which is more than enough time I needed. I love this picture. My father in law always says he always thinks of it as a James Bond road. I couldnt agree more. I love how moody the clouds make this picture look to.

Loch Maree Print

  • Not for commecrial use. This print does not come with a frame. Logo as seen on preview does not apear on the print.

  • Allow 7 days.

    UK Shipments only.

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