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This is the best road I have ever been on. Whenever I am on the road I always laugh in my head and think who was daft enough to look at these mountains and think "Yeah i'll build a road on that to shave off a few minutes to Applecross!"  This is the UK's highest ascending road. It is also on the route of the North Coast 500 which me and my pals completed back in 2017. That trip for me believe it or not is the trip that changed my career path from the oil and gas to turn to Videography. I had not long been paid off from a previous oil & gas employer and could only get a job as a delivery driver at Dominos. After a few grim months I finally landed my feet back in the oil and gas. However it was not what I wanted to do any more.  During my redundancy I was watching"The Grand Tour" on Amazon Prime. And I loved the idea of 3 mates in 3 cars driving around the globe and having a laugh and doing stupid tasks. I thought I am going to do this! I sold the idea to my mates and we done the whole trip. At this point I had litterally zero profesional camera equipment, never mind a drone! I still managed to have a camera in 3 cars, a Go Pro 5, a cheap "sports camera" off Amzon and one of my friends phones to film it with walkie talkies in each car to. Each day I set up a task and people would either gain points or lose points and have to do a forefit or won a prize. Anyway. I edited it all together and had a premier night exactly a year to the day we left. I couldnt even watch it back because I was only interested in their reaction, knowing when the funny bits were coming up and to see if they laughed. They absolutely loved it. From that moment onwards I made sure I would get a one way ticket out of the oil and gas to become a proffesional videographer. And here I am typing up this blog on my website on my weekend off from my day job at Aberdeen Football Club in July 2021. Dreams come true.

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